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Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb is the holder of the right to create and publish the content of the web site management www.vrutak.hr, and each access to the pages and the contents contained is subject to these terms and conditions.

The use of content available on this web site is permitted only in the manner and under the terms of this Terms of Use. Any other use of the content available on this website is subject to appropriate legal protection and the application of the applicable and legally permissible measures to the User.

Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb is the exclusive owner of copyright of all content published on this web site, unless otherwise stated. Use of these content is permitted only for personal informational purposes. Reproduction, distribution, reproduction or modification of these contents must be preceded, expressly, in writing by the Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb and any unauthorized use thereof can be the basis for initiating a lawsuit.

Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb reserves the right to modify or terminate any content or service on this web site without the prior notice and at any time.

These web pages also contain third-party information and links to other online content created by third parties that will be labeled as such whenever possible. Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb does not control the above information and other Internet content, and in no case is responsible for the content on external sources of data that may lead links from these web sites, nor does it respond or point to the manner and the terms of use of these contents.

Privacy Policy

Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb respects the privacy of the users of their websites.

Web site visitors to Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb by logging in to the newsletter clearly expresses interest in the company's business and product offerings. In accordance with Art. Article 6, paragraph 1, point f. Of the General Data Protection Act, Vrutak do.o. has a legitimate interest to inform such visitors of the offer of products they are interested in, and it is considered that such communication is expected and deemed desirable.

By registering on this web site, the user is obligated to enter the correct information and to choose the username and password. We need the following information: date of birth, name and surname, sex, OIB, address, e-mail address and phone number. This information is necessary for us to realize your order, delivery of goods and any legal procedures related to the realization of the purchase contract and we will not use it for other purposes. Vrutak d.o.o Zagreb does not automatically process your data.

Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb data from the registration process and any other User data will not be disclosed to the third party nor will it be available to the third party unless such obligation is governed by the applicable regulations. Vrutak d.o.o. only when this requires the realization of the purchase contract of goods shall divide the customer's personal information with the service providers of the goods with which the contract has been concluded.

We specifically point out that the provisions of the Trade Act prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages and other beverages containing alcohol, and we are obliged to deny sales to persons under the age of 18.

Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb reserves the right to terminate or deny access to the account and / or one or more services for which the user is registered without prior notice and / or explanation. Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb is not responsible for any damages resulting from the cancellation of the account.

Each User can at any time request correction or supplementation of their data or revoke a given Privilege as well as obtain the right to complain by contacting us by e-mail: zastita.podataka@vrutak.hr or by post to:

Vrutak d.o.o.
Data protection
Vodovodna 20a
10 000 Zagreb

Personal data collected by registering at the WEB shop or by signing up for the Vrutak d.o.o newsletter processing until the purpose of processing is achieved. Purchase data via the WEB store remains stored in accordance with the legal deadlines set out in the special regulations and the remaining data can be stored for ten years.

Changes to Terms of Use

Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use of the Website at any time and without prior notice and shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from such changes. These changes will take effect on the day of publication on this web site.

The www.vrutak.hr website uses cookies, with the primary purpose of providing better user experience. Temporary cookies are used when you close the Internet browser. We use them to allow access to content and allow for better page use when logging in with your data.

Visitors' Internet (IP) addresses are used exclusively for the generation of statistical reports through Google Analytics. Vrutak d.o.o. Zagreb can not uniquely identify visitors through the IP address.
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